Getting a full body energy with a tantric massage

Erotic massages are very popular nowadays, and is that the benefits that can bring are multiple, in terms of sexuality, physical health, mental health and balance between body and energy. In this mini guide I will set out the 7 benefits of a tantric massage barcelona, so that together we may learn to know our body and its health, through a good massage, erotic massage, which belongs to the branch of massage that is relaxing, distressing, body or for couples.

With the erotic massage also known as sensual massage, you can break the monotony of your intimacy as a couple. As you will see through the stimulation of the skin, muscle manipulation, fondling, kissing and rubbing you can produce and receive pleasure, to discover new sensations and improve your health.

  • Without risk of disease

An erotic massage has no risk of contracting diseases, if we have hygiene and we take care of the cleaning, everything will be normal. So some people who in other environments feel tense here will be able to relax and enjoy knowing that everything is going OK.

  • Enhances personal development

An erotic massage helps to improve the development of the person both physically and mentally, that is to say, from a massage therapies we will get to better know our body and to enter in a climax of calm and sensuality that we were previously unaware. This is what we can put into practice later in our sex life with couple or other relationships.

  • Retards ejaculation

Thanks to our sessions and therapies you will get to improve the delay of the ejaculation, as you will not think so much in reach if not enjoy the relationship that you’re having and the person you have in front of you.

  • You learn to touch the body of your partner

After a few sessions of erotic massage interactive for couples, you will learn to how to play make you feel a special sensitivity, this can be put into practice in your house such as giving a massage to your partner, sure that the be amazed.

  • Relaxation anti stress

Something longed for in our day-to-day full of saturation and problems is to learn to relax, to breathe, to calm down and to get away from it all. This is another notion that we can learn thanks to the multiple benefits of a relaxation massage.

  • Relief of pain and other symptoms

What more could you ask for, if in addition to enjoy the sensuality we can help to ease muscle aches and tension stored in tired legs…etc

  • Increases sexual desire and creativity

In summary and as a conclusion, the erotic Massage you will stimulate in moments that you’re more of a downturn, thus increasing the sexual desire and the ability to enjoy your partner, in the same way thanks to the benefits of a prostate massage will emerge and be born a new creative that before desconocías, creating a climax of pleasure.

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